What to Expect in Rehab

The Flow of Treatment

Our flow of treatment occurs over the space of approximately 30-45 days depending on individual withdrawal length and clinical recommendation.  Clients will move through different phases while attending our program before finally moving on to a life of recovery.

1. Pre Admission Assessment

Before being admitted into treatment, a representative in admissions will sit down with the client and go over medical history, alcohol and drug use, mental health, and any diagnoses that may exist. The rep will ask about all the medications currently and previously taken administer a drug screen, and assess the client’s general health and current state. Following the assessment, the representative will make a plan for the next phase of treatment and determine if the client is a candidate for our treatment program. Once fit is determined, the client will move into the detoxification phase

what to expect in rehab going forward

2. Sub-Acute Detox

Taking drugs or drinking alcohol over time creates a dependence upon the substance. When high levels of a drug are used, trying to quit on your own can be deadly. To curb complications, detoxing the body to heal and repair it will help allow focus to change from the drug to life. During the sub-acute detox our professional staff will assist the client during the process. Our doctor will visit with them and help determine which medications will be used, if any, to fit their individual drug withdrawal symptoms in order to help them detox comfortably. During this time the client will be introduced to our clinical team and have therapy and counseling sessions once well enough to participate.

3. Residential Treatment

Once the addictive substances are removed from the body, the real fun and emotional healing begin. Our clients undergo customized individual therapy sessions where they explore the underlying issues causing their symptom of substance abuse. They will also receive counseling from trained and licensed drug and alcohol counselors. The role of counseling is to provide education and awareness to help the client start living a productive life free from alcohol and drugs. What to expect in rehab are wholesome activities that start building self-esteem and help them stay positive. Treatment provides an opportunity to gain vital experience in living their life in a safe environment, away from temptation of drugs and alcohol. This community environment is important to build self-awareness and helps our clients transition into clean living.

4. Transition

During this phase of treatment the client is growing and changing for the better and will begin to plan their next move. Together with our clinical team, a strategic plan will be developed on taking the next step into their recovery. Plans for continuing treatment, going back to school, housing, and various options are discussed to give the client the best chance at success.

5. Aftercare

Once the client and clinical team has sat down and planned out the details, it’s time to move to the next level in aftercare. For many clients, aftercare involves going to an Intensive Outpatient Program or sober living. Aftercare is thoughtfully planned out to achieve the path for optimal recovery results. The ARS team will advise you on making your next step guiding you on the path to your success. What to Expect in Rehab should be motivating & transparent. It shouldn’t be difficult. There is hope, don’t give up!


Comprehensive evaluation and stabilization needed for successful detoxification

Established detoxification protocols overseen by an experienced licensed physician

Safe and effective withdrawal symptom management

24-hour healthcare and detoxification supervision

Continual physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual support

Nutritious, healthy and attractive meals prepared by a world class chef

Comfortable rooms with double beds in a beautiful home setting

Intimate and personalized care with no more than 6 clients capacity

Particular attention to anxiety and depression that may occur during the detoxification process

Support and preparation to successfully advance to the next step in your recovery process

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