Alcoholism, the Silent Destroyer of Families

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism says the risk for alcoholism is higher for people who begin to drink at a young age. The NIAAA studies show that children of alcoholics are nearly four times more likely to be alcoholic as an adult. See NIAAA Report on Family.

Given the hereditary nature of alcoholism and the prolific accessibility of alcohol, families are the first and foremost to deal with a loved one who is drinking out of control. The chaos a practicing alcoholic makes in their wake can take its toll on the family.

No matter what situation an alcoholic usually will exhibit selfish behavior; extreme emotional swings (high highs and low lows). With chronic alcoholism the skin of a chronic drinker can be jaundiced and often swelling in the limbs occurs. Furthermore, alcoholism and its withdrawal can be life threatening especially when an alcoholic stops drinking. The risk of seizure can be great during a detoxification period. Getting the best help possible is crucial if the alcoholic is to get back to normal living.

family together dealing life after addiction
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Alcohol and Family Recovery

Treatment programs with detox units and emergency rooms may provide a good solution for the ailing alcoholic.
Families can begin to recover once their loved one gets the help they need. In some instances therapy may be helpful to move forward in life. Other alternatives for families could be attending Al-Anon meetings where family members can learn about dealing with their loved one once they return home. Families often lose hope and feel saddened by their loved ones choices, remember alcohol is usually a symptom of the problem. Many addicts and alcoholics have underlying issues that only treatment and therapy can provide. Hope can be restored and life renewed through taking proper steps in getting their loved one lasting treatment for success.

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