How to Create Your Own Luck

How to Create Your Own Luck

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by Erin Oden, ASW, Clinical Director

Addiction leads its sufferers to feel out of control, helpless and hopeless. The addictive lifestyle feels, for most, like a never-ending cycle of anxiety and pain. Similar to chasing the end of a rainbow, the addict oftentimes finds he has the best of intentions, and limited ability to follow-through and create results. Wouldn’t it be amazing to finally reach the pot of gold after all those years of seeking? Wouldn’t it be a gift to finally achieve your dreams? I am here to tell you it IS possible. You CAN reach the end of your rainbow; it just will take your own efforts. Here’s a list of how to create your own luck right now!

1) Set achievable, SMART goals

  • Specific – the more broad or vague the goal, the more wiggle room your brain has to get out of accomplishing it. Be specific about each small goal that you need to achieve in order to get to your big goal.
    • Example: “I will sign up for community college,” vs. “I will become a lawyer”
  • Measurable – make sure your goal can be proven through a tangible measure:
    • Example: “I will sign up online and receive an email of confirmation”, vs. “I will talk with my friends about college.”
  • Achievable – make sure this is a goal that is achievable by you:
    • Example: “I can pay for classes myself at a community college,” vs. “I will try to go to a private university, even though I have no funds or job to pay for it.”
  • Relevant – This goal matters to you and will improve your life. If you don’t have internal motivation, you are less likely to commit and follow-through.
    • Example: “I need a college degree to become a lawyer,” vs. “My friend wants to learn to ski, but I don’t really care to.”
  • Time Sensitive – You are more likely to follow through if your goals are time specific.
    • Example: “I will sign up for classes by April 30,” vs. “I will sign up for classes next year.”

2) Get into action

Start to measure your progress through your behaviors. Remember, you cannot measure your intentions, so it’s important to take action – whether it be making a phone call that you are fearful to make or showing up to that photography class you have anxiety about taking. Once you start to move your feet in the direction of your dreams, you are bound to get there!

3) Ask for help

I think Charlie Brown said it best when he asserted, “Asking for help isn’t weak, it’s a great example of how to take care of yourself.” None of us can do this life alone, and it isn’t meant to be a solo act. So set your ego aside and grab an outstretched hand!

4) Practice Patience

We have all heard it one way or another:

“Good things come to those who wait.” –Paulina Simons;

“He that can have patience can have what he will.” – Benjamin Franklin, and “There are no shortcuts to anyplace worth going.” –Anonymous

Any way that we put it, the message remains the same: Stay the course and you will triumph!

So, to wrap it all up, remember that your luck, your life, and your will are all in your control. Stop searching for that pot of gold and embrace the power you have within!






by Erin Oden, ASW, Clinical Director