30 Amazing Ways Life Gets Better in Your First 30 Days Sober

30 Amazing Ways Life Gets Better in Your First 30 Days Sober

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by Erin Oden, ASW, Clinical Director

Getting clean and sober may be one of the most difficult, yet most rewarding decisions you will ever make. With it comes a complete internal and external change. Even in the very first days away from substances, addicts and alcoholics notice significant changes in their lives.

Here are 30 amazing ways your life will get better in your first 30 days sober:

Energy -You’ll have more of it!

Sleep – You’ll wake up following more restful nights.

Money – Your bank account will thank you because you won’t be spending frivolously on drugs and alcohol. You can start paying back those debts.

Time – You’ll be more present in the moment. You’ll have more free time.

Self-Love – You’ll have more self-respect and self-esteem.

Better Relationships – Your relationships will become whole and stronger. You will be a better friend, sibling, spouse and/or child.

Memory -You will remember what you did last night!

Honesty – You won’t have to carry the burden of lying about your daily life events.

Making Apologies – You will re-connect with the people you have harmed.

Employable –You will show up to work on time and do a great job!

Trust – You will follow-through with tasks you take on and show up when you commit. People will believe you when you speak. Your actions will match your words.

Physical Fitness – You can head out on a hike or head to the gym with confidence.

Spirituality – You will feel more connected to other humans and have a greater sense of the world you live in.

Health – Better hygiene usually comes along with sobriety. You will show up to your yearly physicals and take care of yourself when you’re sick. You can eat healthier and practice self-care.

Brighter Skin – Without all those toxins in your body, you’ll radiate health and wellness!

Education – You can sign up for those classes that you have been putting off.

Mindful – You can practice noticing small, beautiful nuances throughout your days.

Pride – Go you! You’re conquering your demons!

Humor – You will be funnier now, due to your quick wit and ability to laugh at yourself.

Mental Clarity – Things will come into perspective, with more ease.

Less Anxiety – You will not be stressed about getting through each day without the pain of coming down.

Legal Issues – You will not have to worry about being caught doing something that you shouldn’t be doing.

Gratitude – You will start to feel thankful for the everyday things in your life. You may even start to feel grateful for your past – because it taught you some amazing lessons about pain and courage.

Hope – You will see a bright future for yourself.

Goals – You will have the ability to plan for that wonderful future.

Happiness – More SMILES and more LAUGHS!






by Erin Oden, ASW, Clinical Director