Recognizing alcoholism is important to prevent problems with health in chronic drinkers. People have been brewing and fermenting alcoholic beverages since early civilization. Magical elixirs for social lubrication have long helped stimulate conversations that for alcoholics would normally be challenging, but with the right mix of alcohol a release of inhibitions feels like a solution to a life-plaguing problem of fitting in. When consumed in moderate quantities, alcohol is quite relaxing, and in some cases, beneficial to health. It helps facilitate digestion as well as influence blood circulation around the body. When used in excess it can cause jaundice and liver failure. Alcohol has always given wings to the real alcoholic; it helps them feel like they can finally breathe and has rightly earned its nickname “liquid courage”.

Once consumed, alcohol impairs thought and motor skills, which is why it is no surprise that over 3.3 million people across the world die from alcohol related causes each year. If you’ve seen the commercials and billboards about drinking and driving, then you know it must be a problem (NIH). Furthermore, Alcohol causes over 200 related diseases including, liver cirrhosis, pancreatitis, intestine bloating, heart problems, kidney damage and esophagus problems and hundreds more conditions because of its devastating effects on the body.

Succeeding in Recovery from Alcohol addiction begins with recognizing alcoholism and then getting help from a qualified treatment center like Advanced Recovery Solution. ARS knows that alcohol is easily accessible in society. Advanced Recovery Solution has a system in place that aims at helping the individual recover by identifying the root of their alcohol problem. We help our clients steer clear of these triggers and move on in their recovery. On top of the physiological problems to the body there is also the psycohological effect on the brain. Alcohol can create necessity or at least a perceived one where the drinker can’t stop. This obsession of the mind is what drives alcoholics to their next drink to do what ever it takes to get their fix.

Rehab Placement

Why People are Labeled Alcoholic

While drinking alcohol presents individuals with an opportunity to drink socially, many of these people fall into a category called normies, or normal drinkers that generally do not suffer consequences when they drink. There are many different symptoms that can help classify an individual as suffering from the disease of alcoholism. In general, recognizing alcoholism, alcoholics tend to drink in excess, over shooting the mark. They can also isolate, get awkward in social situations where there isn’t alcohol being served, destroy relationships, and create drama and chaos as a direct result of their drinking. There are also the fully functioning alcoholics that can hold a job and maintain relationships but drink in excess and destroy themselves in the process. In general, alcoholic or not, if you know a loved one that is drinking and seems out of control, they may need help. Stopping the problem before it becomes a nightmare can be all the difference between life and death.

Alcohol can be a problem if the person drinking doesn’t realize that the invisible line is being crossed. Chronic alcoholism is progressive and usually means jail, mental institutions, or death for the individuals that choose to take that path of destruction. Genetics is another indicator that someone has a natural disposition to being an alcoholic. Those who have a parent who is an alcoholic are three times more likely to become an alcoholic.

Steps to Recover from Alcoholism in California Rehab

Simply recognizing alcoholism is not enough. Detoxification is the first step and is the key to getting on the path to recovery. Ridding the body of alcohol and getting the mind clear to focus on recovery is a great start. Once the mind is clear and the body is through the withdrawals a residential treatment program for alcoholism can begin. The flow from detox to residential should be smooth and natural. Disruption is difficult early on in sobriety. Advanced Recovery Solution has a clear system in place to help streamline the transition from detox to residential treatment. Once in residential treatment for alcohol you can begin living your life free from alcohol and learn new tools to use in sobriety to utilize throughout your life.

Signs of Alcohol Intoxication

Symptoms of alcohol abuse include slurred speech, high blood pressure, mood swings, loss of hand-eye coordination, and loss of balance. Alcohol intoxication is determined by the amount of alcohol found in the bloodstream. In California the legal limit for alcohol intoxication while operating a motor vehicle is .08. Higher blood alcohol levels will drastically impair driving and judgment and usually lead to getting arrested for driving under the influence.

Help for Alcoholism

Getting help for a drinking problem can be a great start to reset and get your life back on track. Alcoholism is a progressive disease that can take the most respectable person and turn them into something unrecognizable to close friends and family. Reasons for why people drink are generally because they like the effect, but also because there can be underlying issues causing them to check out of life and check into a bottle of their favorite elixir.

The further an individual is from their last drink, the easier sobriety becomes. Advanced Recovery Solution has been helping individuals and families recover from the disease of alcoholism. If you are suffering from alcohol addiction, it’s not too late. Our admissions family is here to support you during this painful time in your life. We want you to know you are not alone. If your family and friends have abandoned you, we welcome you to our home. We were just like you. We’ve been in your shoes. We can help you get your life back. Call us today.

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