Crystal meth rehabs are trying to combat drug abuse of one of the fastest growing problems in the United States. Crystal meth treatment centers throughout the US have been busier than every trying to combat this widespread dilemma of crystal addiction. The drug is even more prevalent in California. Methamphetamine is highly addictive and creates a euphoric high when smoked or injected into the body. The effects of Meth are long-lasting as it wreaks havoc on the body. An image search on Google for “methamphetamine use” will show the devastating affects of crystal methamphetamine including, drastic weight loss, tooth decay, declining health, and dermatologic outbreaks. ARS is a Luxury crystal meth treatment center located in Orange County. If you are looking for crystal meth treatment we are here to help.

National statistics on Meth

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, approximately 1.2 million people used meth in the past year. This statistic show the prevalence with the United States and its problematic concerns for the healthcare industry treating overdoses and meth abuse. The Drug Abuse Warning Network lists over 100,000 visits to hospital emergency rooms. The substance abuse centers around the country are inundated with meth addicts that abuse crystal. The statistics are on their own are staggering and paint a bleak picture for the youth of America. With all the gloom and doom however, there is hope in recovering from Meth abuse. According to The Treatment Episode Data Set over 53 percent of people admitted into a rehab for addiction were meth abusers were males. With the epidemic of opiates on the rise and the crackdown of opiate drug traffickers methamphetamine use is once again on a comeback, at least on West Coast of the United States. According to that same survey meth use was ranked number 1 in drug related treatment admissions.

Meth Statistics United States

Different Forms of Meth

Methamphetamine can be smoked, ingested, inhaled, injected. The diverse ways to get high make methamphetamine more likely to be abused than most other drugs. Crystallized meth creates a euphoric high that declines over time, but often leaves the addict with lack of sleep. There are reports of people using meth to stay up for over a week while using the substance. Sleep deprived and using meth, individuals are more likely to experience hallucinations. Known cases of meth abusers and their stories of staying up for days on end report seeing friends and family members that in reality weren’t there at all. Similarly, its all too common that meth use is mis-diagnosed as schizophrenia as both share similar symptoms. Doctors that work in addiction treatments can clue in on the signs of abuse and help detox the addict to get them back to normal and mentally sound after a spout of meth abuse. Fortunately, many drug addicts that abuse methamphetamine run out of money before they can experience the hallucinogenic effect.

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What Does Rehab for Methamphetamine Look Like?

Meth addiction is difficult to overcome without help. The addict needs first focus on freeing their body from the substance during the medically supervised detox period of rehabilitation. Once drug-free, the addict will learn how to live without the drug and replace using behavior with wholesome activities that inspire and promote successful recovery. Often 12 step, Smart Recovery, or Celebrate Recovery meetings are helpful in providing tools for recovery and implementing a support system for those trying to quit using meth. Counseling and therapy are often helpful as well. By addressing the meth use first, then looking at the life and issues underlying the use, the addict gains important insight into their behavior and can use that to propel them into a life free of addiction from meth. In addition to attending group meetings and receiving individual counseling and therapy, group therapy can be invaluable in the rehabilitation and recovery processes. During counselor-guided group therapy sessions peers can share their experiences, strengths, and encouragement. They can build friendships and hold each other accountable in a way the addict would not otherwise be supported.

Aftercare From Meth Addiction

Once the rehabilitation is through, the recovering addict will focus on aftercare for meth addiction. For many meth addicts that means going to sober living and attending a reputable IOP (intense outpatient) program where they can continue to learn about their problem and how to live while overcoming their obstacles in life without drug abuse. This kind of situation also helps addicts enlarge their support network and maintain the structure so often needed to remain sober. Many that abuse the crystalized form of meth need a safety net of support to help them in their time of cravings and isolation. This is where 12 step meetings can greatly reduce recidivism rates in recovery.

Meth Rehabilitation Outcome

Often addicts of methamphetamine tend to think they can recover on their own. Those who forgo a formal program and avoid rehabs altogether generally fail especially if their drug of choice is methamphetamine.  Medically supervised detox for crystal meth addicts can benefit those that are willing to put in the effort to improve their circumstance. Treatment outcomes and success depends on the individual and their willingness to overcome their addiction to meth. With over 50,000 deaths due to illicit drugs each year the need for addiction treatment is great.

Advanced Recovery Solution

Crystal Meth use and its prevalence is one of the reasons why we started our Orange County residential treatment center in Fullerton, California. We specialize in treating those struggling with crystal meth addiction. Our treatment starts with experienced staff that have often been in similar circumstances in life and have seen the effects of drug abuse first hand.

ARS Crystal Meth Detox & Residential Center

ARS is a drug and alcohol treatment center located in Fullerton. We take pride in offering a holistic approach to client recovery. Detoxing at our Orange County location is supervised by licensed Doctors that have years of experience in addiction medicine and help our clients detox safely and comfortably.

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