Comprehensive Residential Treatment in Orange County, CA

Helping you recover is our specialty. Whether you are needing to detox from prescription pills, alcohol, or drugs like heroin or cocaine, our experienced team can help you through the process.

We take pride in offering a comprehensive medical and clinical approach to client recovery. When you undergo a detoxification process at our location, it will be safely supervised by our multi disciplinary team of professionals.

During the process of getting off drugs & alcohol and throughout the process of receiving residential treatment for addiction, you will reside in our  comfortable and distraction free living accommodations in Fullerton.


Fullerton is a Quiet and “Distraction Free” Environment for Recovery

We chose our location based on our years of experience helping men & women get and stay sober for the long-term.  When you arrive at our quiet suburban home, you will know that it is a setting in which you can focus on recovery.

Advanced Recovery Solution is located in the Sunny Hills area of Fullerton and offers a beautiful retreat in the wooded hills of Fullerton and scenic vistas of North Orange County. The city of Fullerton offers scenic parks, natural trails for hiking and a variety of other activities to engage in.

Stepping into Comprehensive Residential After Detox

Treatment centers like ours that can provide a residential treatment program after initial detoxification provide strong foundations for people to recover from drug addiction and alcoholism.  We utilize a wide variety of evidence based therapeutic processes to reach our client and guide them toward adopting new responses to life’s stressors. Through therapy, counseling, and support group participation, clients will receive a solid springboard for recovery.

Alcohol, Opiate, & Poly-Substance Abuse Treatment

Whether or not you or your loved one is abusing alcohol, prescription drugs (like Vicodin, fentanyl, OxyContin, or Xanax), heroin, or a combination of many drugs, we can help.

Many of the clients that come to us are abusing multiple substances.  While the treatment of addiction varies depending on the substance, our clinicians help find the underlying issues our clients are trying to to cope with and address them. Through counseling and therapeutic activities we explore how their responses to past situations have affected their lives, and the consequences that their addictive behavior has brought upon them. Our multi disciplinary staff has years of experience addressing poly-substance abuse by helping the client find the root cause of their addiction and giving them the tools they need to maintain sobriety.

Advanced Recovery Solution offers complete addiction treatment. We are a sanctuary from the chaotic world. We “wrap our arms” around those who come here so we make sure they are safely and comfortably supported as they begin a new way of living life.

Our treatment center is  family owned and operated. We treat our clients as family and strive for excellence in addiction recovery. If you or your loved one is seeking help, we can help. Our experienced team will assist you every step of the way.

ARS Orange County Rehab State Licensed Addiction Treatment


Advanced Recovery Solution is a fully licensed treatment center that thrives on transparency, integrity, and unity. Our staff treats our clients with respect and honesty. Our goal is for each of our clients to be successful in maintaining sobriety and entering recovery. The foundation from which our ethical and transparent staff operates begins within each individual staff member. Most, if not all, of our staff members are in recovery themselves and can relate to many of the issues our clients face. We take pride in being open and honest in what we do in the treatment of our clients and all of our business dealings.

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