A Note from CEO Keith Miller

A Note from CEO Keith Miller

by Keith Miller, CEO

I wanted to take a moment to honor the staff at Advanced Recovery Solution (ARS).  It is such a pleasure to work with people that are so dedicated to their work.

As I watch the staff of ARS grow, I see very loving and passionate people that care so deeply about the clients they serve. Their spirits run deep with humility and grace that spreads to our most difficult clients.

I am a deep believer, based on my personal recovery that the blessings are not in what we take from the world but rather what we add to it. I watch my staff from this type of lens and it warms my heart to see them interact with the clients, naturally, with a similar belief system.  I am deeply honored to be able to work with these truly kind and talented professionals every day!!Keith

What a blessing!!

Keith Miller, CEO

Advanced Recovery Solution





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