5 Ways to Get Excited About Recovery in the New Year

5 Ways to Get Excited About Recovery in the New Year

A new year is upon us, and it’s full of possibilities, especially for those in recovery. As a person on this journey, you’re always improving yourself. Now that the holidays are over, you may be breathing a sigh of relief! Many people, even with significant amounts of time clean and sober, find the holidays a struggle. Getting past the battle is always something to celebrate, but now that the new year has begun, what’s next? How can you keep moving forward?

Many people suffer from post-holiday blues, either due to the return to work and “normal life” or sometimes just facing problems that presented themselves during the holidays.

Getting Back to Work

Getting back to recovery and working on yourself is easier than you think. For one thing, you can always go to additional 12-step meetings. Here are some other ideas to try when you’re back to your regular schedule:

  1. Buy a daily meditation book and use it daily. Start the day with it to help you focus and stay centered. You can choose one that is 12-step related or use one that addresses other issues in your life, such as mental health or parenting.
  2. Choose one spiritual goal to pursue every week, whether it’s communing with your higher power or writing a gratitude list.
  3. Take a role of responsibility. Become the coffeemaker for one of your local 12-step groups or offer to give out the key tags.
  4. Spend more time with others in recovery. This may mean showing up early and late to 12-step meetings so that others can get to know you. Help set up chairs or volunteer to read at the meeting.
  5. Work on 12 step work. You can ask your sponsor to help you complete your next step if you’re struggling.


Starting the year sober may make you want to rush with your goal and accomplish everything at once, but don’t spread yourself too thin. There is plenty of time to work on yourself, and there are many possibilities this year for continued growth and change. Don’t beat yourself up for not being perfect this year! Take your life and your recovery one day at a time. It’s a journey, not a destination.

Recovery is Possible!

If you or somebody you love struggles with an addiction to alcohol or drugs, there is help available! We can answer any questions you have and help you with logistics such as insurance coverage. Please give us a call at 1-888-959-3277 for more information.


Photo by Bruce Mars from Pexels

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